Sunday, April 8, 2012

Custom Made Cards

Happy Esther to all my dear friends who celebrate this occasion ^^ 

Hey guys... do you have problem on making card to your girlfriend/boyfriend? 
the common problem usually was lack of art skills, creative, idea and time.... am i right? ^^
but you still wanted to present a custom made cards which are unique and special to your love one in the special day as to show your love towards them.....
so what can u do??? It is not impossible... u can make it come true if u continue read it....

My babe is providing this unique services to you now! ^^ 
You can now custom made a card which according to your needs and want...

She made this for me on my last year birthday... look so special and nice right? ^^

Everything on the card are handmade.... so you can't found the exactly same card in this word...

Simple and nice^^

Not enough sample??! still got a lot question in your mind?? Don't worry check out the website for more information...... Limited service provided so make your order now before it is too late ^^

Click here more info~

Enjoy the custom made cards service with your love one~ and again.. Happy Esther <3 <3

Saturday, March 17, 2012

4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Have you been to Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta yet? 
This year is the 4th year of the fiesta from  15th March to 18th March... 
If you still not yet been there... get yourself ready now i went there have a look with the hot air balloon and join the activities there^^

This is my first time visit to Putrajaya and join this fiesta... definitely  will be back next year^^

This two hot air balloon from vietnam... colorful right^^  

I went on the first day, feel quite disappointed because there is only 5 types of hot air balloon there... 
failed to see fancy pattern hot air balloon... sad ><

Forgive my sleepy face... not in good condition... haha


He make this.... thanks bb...

Random snap... 

Take 2 ... credit to Mr. Andy^^

Beside than hot air ballon, there is also lot of activities that allow public to join^^

1. Tethered Rides ~ You can queue up for ticket RM 10 per person for hot air balloon ride
2.  Helicopter Rides ~ This have to make reservation earlier on so no chance to experience if you are late 
3. KMX Kart ~ yeah! I played this with bb boy... is fun and only cost you RM10 for 10 minutes fun time^^

Happy Kid ~ haha

Is quite fun actually~!

4. Zorbing ~ RM15 per ride... 
5. Wall climbing ~ RM 10 per climb
6. Racing Simulator 
7. Archery
8. Mini Motor Ride ~ RM 10 per ride 

 Cute right~ 

Nice experience ^^

Feel free to join this fiesta now! free entrance ~ ^^